Jabalpur RSB Project - Partala, Dongariya Nov 2010 11-24-2010 9-56-33 AM
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Kitchen Garden at Partala village in Jabalpur region

Kitchen Garden at Partala in Jabalpur region

Brajma Bai Kulaste

Brajma Bai Kulaste, Village Paraciya

Brajma Bai Kulaste speaks on Capacity Building, Gender Empowerment, Health, Trainings

Dummi Bai Warkade

Dummi Bai Warkade, Village Khama

Dummi Bai Warkade speaks on Gender Empowermen and Self Help Group

my place under the sun-1

My Place Under the Sun

.. is a story of how Women in Wardha district took their destiny in their hands and find their place …