Jabalpur RSB Project - Dongariya Partala March 2011 3-4-2011 4-41-45 PM
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Impact of Watershed Development in Jabalpur region

Impact of Watershed Development in Partala and Dungariya villages in Jabalpur region


How to make Amrutpani

How to make Amrutpani


Does it Ever rain at this time?

“Does it every rain at this time?” is a short film showing the actual impacts of unexpected and unusually heavy …


Dipping point – A cold day in February

This is a short film about the cold wave experienced in early February of 2012, which crippled crops in Akole …

Durbeen Singh

Durbeen Singh, Village Paraciya

Durbeen Singh speaks on Watershed Development Impact on Agriculture


System of Crop Intensification

This is a showcase of WOTR’s methodology of Adaptive Sustainable Agriculture: System of Crop Intensification. This method is based on …

Weathering Climate Change

Weathering Climate Change

Weathering Climate Change : The film describes WOTR’s Agro-Metrorology component of Climate Change Adaptation project which combines locale-specifice Met-advisories and …


Agri impact in Madhya Pradesh

Experiences of sustainable agricultural practices in the villages of Madhya Pradesh.


Summer Freeze

Recent events in the villages around Harishchandragad in Maharashtra, India confirmed once again that climate change is no longer only …


When Climate turns hostile….

A real-life story of 9 villages that are coping with variability – variability in climate and markets that have hitherto …