Earth and Water

The environment is all about balance. When earth and water come together in the WOTR projects, harmony comes about. While …

Dummi Bai Warkade

Dummi Bai Warkade, Village Khama

Dummi Bai Warkade speaks on Gender Empowermen and Self Help Group

Durbeen Singh

Durbeen Singh, Village Paraciya

Durbeen Singh speaks on Watershed Development Impact on Agriculture

Hari singh Meshram

Hari Singh Mashram, Village Jangaliya

Hari Singh Mashram speaks on Leadership Development and Village Development Committee


System of Crop Intensification

This is a showcase of WOTR’s methodology of Adaptive Sustainable Agriculture: System of Crop Intensification. This method is based on …

Weathering Climate Change

Weathering Climate Change

Weathering Climate Change : The film describes WOTR’s Agro-Metrorology component of Climate Change Adaptation project which combines locale-specifice Met-advisories and …

Savita Udde

Savita Udde, Village Mohapani

Savita Udde she started her own little business as an outcome of Watershed Development work in her village.

Puran Singh Marko

Puran Singh Marko, Village Umarzar

Puran Singh Marko starts his own Enterprise helped by the Wasundhara project… he speaks of his experience.


Agri impact in Madhya Pradesh

Experiences of sustainable agricultural practices in the villages of Madhya Pradesh.


Lantana laments change to augmented income

Moolchand’s brother in law, Shyam Singh Maravi, is skilled at lantana furniture making and when Moolchand saw him making furniture …


Summer Freeze

Recent events in the villages around Harishchandragad in Maharashtra, India confirmed once again that climate change is no longer only …


Grass Craft: Woven Hats

Purushwadi’s Tukaram Baramate is a multi-talented man. He farms his own patch of land of course. He is also an …