When Climate turns hostile….

A real-life story of 9 villages that are coping with variability – variability in climate and markets that have hitherto …


Parabolic Solar Cooker

A film on Solar Parabolic Cooker


The dream catcher?

  The dream catcher? Sometimes you’re just lucky while sometimes you need to pause, take a few steps backwards and …


Barku’s Bamboo Craft

Working with bamboo is a part of the life of people here- Many people weave baskets to keep poultry, bhaakri …


Charaibandi – Ban on free grazing

Charaibandi is a non-negotiable, practiced and enforced by the whole village. This ban on free grazing is very important during …

Aapli pragati aaplya haati

Aapli Pragati Aaplya Haati

Aapli Pragati Aaplya Haati: is a film in Marathi that brings the message of empowerment – of taking power and …


Shramdaan – a labour of hope

Shramdaan – a labour of hope: is a film that showcases the powerful technique that brings people together and ensures …


Prashna Sutla (Problem Resolved)…!

A story of Sattechiwadi village which transformed from an deserted village to a prosperous one through Watershed Development.


Let there be Sunshine..

A short and quick film about use of Parabolic Cookers in the Anganwadi Centre of Pimpaldari Village, Sangamner Taluk, Maharashtra. …

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Shekhar Kapoor talks on why it is so important to save WATER and support WOTR


Ridge to Valley

A short film that showcases an unbeatable technique for large-scale Water Management. Living on a finite planet, we humans thirst …

my place under the sun-1

My Place Under the Sun

.. is a story of how Women in Wardha district took their destiny in their hands and find their place …